Install Windows 8 using DVD drive on Samsung Series 7 Slate

Today I get a nice gift, a Samsung Series 7 Slate, from Microsoft. I got it from the Nashville Windows 8 Hackathon by presenting my prototype LOB Windows 8 app. Of course, it comes with the Windows 7 pre-installed, so the first thing I do is installing fresh Windows 8 RTM.

However, I don’t have a large USB flash drive handy. I have only a external USB DVD drive that came with my trusted 1st gen Envy 15 notebook. Unfortunately, the slate won’t boot DVD first by default, so I have to get to the BIOS. But how to do that?

To get to the BIOS, I have to hold the Windows key button (which is similar to the Windows 8 logo but without perspective) and press the power button.

Once I get to BIOS, I see four tabs, Sys Info, Advanced, Boot, and Exit. I can go to the Boot tab, by pressing the rotation lock button together with volume up/down. Basically, volume up/down works like arrow keys.  Next, I select the Boot Device Priority by pressing rotation lock key. I see a list of bootable devices (mine had USB CD at number three while the HDD was number one).

Now the tricky part is that I can’t use any button on the tablet to move the USB CD to the top. After pulling my hairs for couple minutes, I unplug my USB DVD drive and plug the USB keyboard. With the keyboard, I can move the USB CD to the top. I unplug keyboard and restart the tablet. And I can boot my slate with Windows 8 RTM!

Hope this helps if you experience the same issue.

Now it’s time for me to finish at least one Windows 8 app by October 26th!