Don Mattrick departs Microsoft

Interesting take about Xbox One as a not-only gaming console device..

Hal's (Im)Perfect Vision

Microsoft has lost another senior executive, and a number of people have asked me if this is good or bad for Microsoft.  I’ll render judgment at the end of this piece.

I never interacted with Don Mattrick though no doubt we were in a few meetings together.  Most of my interactions with Xbox leadership were with the old timers who created the original Xbox and Xbox 360 and later those who ran E&D.  So I’m not writing from personal experience here, but rather from observation.

Mattrick joined Microsoft in mid-2007 with the Xbox 360 already in-market.  He was a game guy, not a game console or PC hardware guy, and apparently Microsoft wanted to bring more game industry expertise into E&D leadership.  With the departure of Robbie Bach and J Allard, as well as other early Xbox leaders, Mattrick became the clear head honcho for Entertainment.

It’s difficult to argue…

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