How to pin Git Shell into the Windows 8.1 task bar

If you are a Windows and GitHub user, you can install GitHub for Windows and be able to do most of the git tasks such as clone, sync (push, pull), and so on. However, sometimes you will need to run git commands directly and Git Shell which comes with GitHub for Windows can be very handy.

Git Shell is actually a msys/MinGW with git and some standard GNU programs (e.g., ssh-keygen) written for windows. Hence, you can use Git Shell with any git repositories like TFS online, Bitbucket, or Heroku.


However, one annoying thing that I found was that although you can pin GitHub and Git Shell icons to the Windows start screen, you can only pin GitHub icon to the task bar.

It turns out that someone already comes up with a small trick to do that. Thank you very much! 🙂

Let’s see how it is done:

1. Go to Git Shell shortcut location.



2. Open the properties window and add something like “explorer” at the beginning of the target field and apply your change.


3. Now you should be able to drag the shortcut icon. Next, open the properties window of the Git Shell icon on the task bar and remove the “C:\Windows\explorer.exe.”


Don’t forget to change the target field that you change in #2 back as well.

And you should be able to use Git Shell for GitHub and any Git repositories! By the way, this trick works on Windows 7 as well (just look for the Git Shell in start menu or on desktop).